My LLC Family

*This was originally the intro to an extraordinarily long blog post, but I’ve decided the people I’m about to mention deserve more than that*

I am in love. It’s true. I’ve found love abroad—if platonically loving 13 other people at the same time can count. 13 unique but equally talented people, all in their own fascinating ways. I’ve mentioned my LLC before, but now it only seems right to actually name them so I’m not vaguely referring to these mystical beings of whose existence you have no solid proof. They exist, and it seems as though they exist to spread light in a world that so often can be shrouded in darkness. I swear I’m not trying to be cheesy on purpose (Though this is the Creative Writing LLC, so that might be expected). I rave about these people to everyone I know, these people that I knew would become a second family in the time it usually takes someone to simply say hello.


Setting up for our first breakfast together in our apartment (it seems so long ago!)

Without further ado, here are the names of some of my new favorite people to ever exist: Anuska (one of my roomies), Hannah (also one of my roomies), Emma, Cece, Laura, Sawyer, Mattie, Michael, Dion, Mollie, Johnne, Rodlyn, and Olivia. Those names mean nothing to you, but they mean everything to me. They make Copenhagen special. If only words were powerful enough to convey exactly how much I admire and respect these people (And after such a short amount of time! It’s insane!). They are thoughtful, endlessly supportive, provide daily laughter, and all carry a wealth of knowledge.

They inspire me to come out of my shell and dance without a care in the world at Night Fever—something my shy self usually avoids at all costs (The “Breaking Free” remix was a highlight, and Michael’s videos of it). They let me ramble on about how much I love oatmeal and Tivoli Gardens and Christmas. They are warm and welcoming, and being with them is always a joy. I can talk about anything with them, and not just the fluff. Fluff is fun, of course, but so is the deeper stuff. Random thoughts that pop into my head come pouring out, and I’m not embarrassed when they do. Just this past night, I was talking about childhood memories and dreams with Sawyer, Dion, and Rodlyn. Not everyone is too keen about discussing stranger topics or things inherently imbued with nostalgia but they were, and it was refreshing.

For me, kindness is just about the most important quality in a person, and the people in my LLC are kind. The “how are you’s” and “hello’s.” The “can I help you’s” and “goodnight’s.” The effortless camaraderie and care for one another is precisely what I was wishing for when I dreamt of my LLC before coming to Copenhagen. In my pre-departure blog post, I wrote, “I am one hundred percent sure that I will have the time of my life while abroad.” Now, because of these people, I am unequivocally certain that these four months will prove to be some of the greatest of my life.

You probably think I’m exaggerating. I can’t think everyone is the bee’s knees. There must be someone I don’t like, someone who doesn’t fit. Nope. It must have been by some Denmark-inspired miracle that all of us instantly got along, no awkwardness or discomfort plaguing our first moments together. We go on unforgettable adventures, have jam sessions (Dion, Sawyer, and Johnne all sing and play guitar beautifully, so we get free concerts), do homework together, and eat meals as a group when we can. We all have starkly contrasting personalities, but somehow form the perfect group. You can call me biased, but it is clear that we are the best LLC in the history of LLCs.

Before I get to the pictures, here’s a quick little memory for you. It was either the second or third night (I think?), and I heard guitar strumming and singing coming from the room next to mine. I wanted to go in and have a listen, being nosy and a music lover, but didn’t want to intrude. We’d just met, after all. What would they think if I creepily lingered by their doorway trying to hear them make musical magic? But then something wonderful happened. Everyone gathered in Dion, Sawyer, and Michael’s room, some sitting side by side on the floor next to their famous pink silk, others on the bed, and we listened. Olivia revealed that she, too, could sing like a pro, and Emma chimed in on occasion. We were there for what felt like hours and I never wanted it to end. It was my first hygge-filled moment in Copenhagen, and it filled me with excitement for the rest of the days to come. If in the span of less than two weeks I can feel this comfortable being myself around my LLC, I can only imagine how close we will be come December.

These are my awesome roomies Anuska (fashion icon, secret chef, and ray of sunshine) and Hannah (future TV show writer and passionate Patriots fan with the most adorable happy dance ever):


From the scavenger hunt that we should definitely win, since bribery isn’t allowed

And now for the rest of my LLC, so you can put faces to names:


Michael making me laugh at Nyhavn


Mattie, Laura, Rodlyn, and me at Joe and the Juice (I know, very American of us)


A shot of me and Sawyer at Rosenborg Castle Gardens that I stole from Rodlyn (Thank you :))


And thank you to Michael for the Nyhavn photo shoot of me and Emma 🙂


A fail of a selfie with Johnne and Anuska, but they look cool

I don’t have any pictures with Dion, Olivia, Mollie, or Cece apart from a massive group photo with our LLC and the one living above us, so until I take some, here’s that:


Have a hygge-filled day!

P.S. The cover image is of the square by our apartment, not just a random square in Copenhagen. (I thought you should know.)



2 thoughts on “My LLC Family

  1. Here I sit, having read every word of this beautiful article twice…and I must admit to sitting here with the broadest of smiles, both on my face and in my heart! There is no doubt that you and your LLC family had an immediate connection like no other and, as you say, imagine what a gift to enjoy and embrace from now until December….and beyond, as a Star Trek fan would say. Absolutely lovely photos with a myriad of emotions exposed. Must admit that I love the visual of you letting your guard down and dancing! A journey meant to be! ❤ Grammy

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